How to Play Bingo on Zoom

In the current scenario, we don’t know what lies ahead and what the “new normal” would be. Since the Covid-19 pandemic, physical proximity has gone out the window. In order to stay in touch with our loved ones, we had to switch to a virtual presence online. Be it remote work, distance education, or social relations, video apps like Zoom and Google Meet came to the rescue.

Zoom quickly became the favorite due to its interactive, user-friendly interface. It has become the go-to platform for formal as well as an informal form of communication. Interacting, enjoying tea-parties, and playing games online, with friends & family, is how most of us adapted ourselves to the situation. Playing games is a fantastic activity to help us deal with the isolation & boredom that ‘lockdown’ brought upon us.

Many video apps provide games to play for your enjoyment, but Zoom does not have such a feature. Although, if you are creative enough, you can still play many games over Zoom, and Bingo is one of them. From kids to grandmas, everyone loves playing it. The luck factor involved makes it all the more exciting. Through this perfect guide, we will tell you how to play bingo on Zoom and keep yourself & others entertained.

How to Play Bingo on Zoom

Things you need to play Bingo on Zoom Online

  • Zoom PC app: The most evident thing you need is a Zoom PC app with an active account, to play Bingo on it.
  • A printer (optional): It would be convenient to have a printer at home. However, if you do not have a printer, you can screenshot your card and upload it to any photo editor application. After uploading the picture, you can mark out the numbers on the card, using the drawing tool.

Play Bingo on Zoom – For Adults

a) Create an “account” on the Zoom PC app, if you do not already have one.

b) Start a new Zoom meeting & invite everyone you want to play with.

Note: If you are not hosting the Zoom meeting, you need a unique ID to join an existing Zoom meeting.

c) Once all the members of the game have joined in, start setting-up.

Now you can play Bingo on Zoom as given below.

1. Go to this link to generate “Bingo cards” using this Bingo card generator. You need to fill in the “Number of cards” you want to generate and the “Colour” of these cards. After this, select “Printing Options” according to your preferences. We would recommend ‘2′ per page.

2. After selecting the appropriate options, click on Generate Cards button.

3. Now, print the cards you have generated with the help of the Print Cards option. You have to “send the same link” to all the players to create and print cards for themselves.

Note: Though this is the best Bingo card generator, it does not let you print only a single card on paper. But you can do so, by selecting “1” for the field of “Number of cards”.

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Many people play with two or even three cards simultaneously, but honestly, it would be cheating. However, if you want to increase your chances of winning the game, you can try this method.

4. After every member of the game gets their cards printed out, tell them to take a “marker” to cross out the corresponding numbers in the blocks. When everybody is done with the above steps, click here to open the “Bingo number caller”.

5. After opening the above link, select the “kind of game” you and your team want to host. It will be present at the top-left corner of the page, below the “Bingo icon”.

6. Now, any one of the players can do this task. Use the “Screen share” option at the bottom of the screen in the Zoom meeting. It will share your browser window on which the game is running, with all the meet members. This would work like a table where every player would keep track of “called-out numbers”.

7. Once all the meet members are able to view this window, “Choose a pattern” from the drop-down list present at the top-left corner. You should select the pattern keeping everyone’s wish in mind.

8. Now, click on the “Start New Game” button to begin a new game. The first number of the game will be called out by the generator.

9. When the generator’s first number has been marked by everybody, click on the Call Next Number button to get the next number. Repeat the same process for the entire game.

Note: You can even automate the system by clicking on “Start Autoplay” for the smooth functioning of the game.

There is an additional feature called “Bingo Caller”, which is offered by the letsplaybingo website. Though it is optional, the computer-generated voice calls out the numbers and makes the game more lively. Hence, we have enabled the feature in the next steps.

10. Enable the feature by checking the box “Enable” under the “Bingo Caller” option. Now, your game will be smooth and hassle-free.

11. You can also choose “Voice” and “Language” from the drop-down menu.

During Bingo matches with their family and friends, many people pool some money and use it to buy a gift for the winner of the game. These types of ideas make the game more interesting. But make sure that you always act responsibly, when it comes to hypothetical rewards and associated repercussions.

Play Bingo on Zoom – for Kids

As a good parent, you should always keep in mind that kids need variety. Along with the educational curriculum, there should also be a good mix of different extra-curricular activities for their overall development. These help increase concentration levels, creativity, and learning ability among children. Bingo is a suitable option to keep kids engaged & entertained.

1. To play Bingo on Zoom with friends, for your kids, you require the same materials as mentioned earlier, i.e., a Zoom PC app with a Zoom account and a printer.

2. After arranging the above resources, you need to decide whether you will draw the numbers from a bag over a Zoom meeting or you will use software or a website that randomizes Bingo numbers.

3. Next, you need to download an assortment of Bingo sheets and distribute them among children. Instruct them to print them out as we did in the above method for adults.

4. Play using a randomizer application until someone wins, and ‘Bingo!’ you’re set.

Note here, that you can change the “numbers” with “words” or “phrases” and mark them as they occur. You can even use “fruits and vegetable names”. This activity would indirectly help the kids to learn new words while playing a game they enjoy.


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We hope that this guide was helpful and you were able to play Bingo on Zoom with your loved ones and had a great time. If you still have any queries regarding this article, then feel free to ask them in the comments section.