How to Bypass Google Account Verification on Android Phone

User security and data privacy are matters of extreme importance for Google. The world’s largest big-tech company constantly updates its privacy policy and security settings to ensure that the users do not become victims of scams and identity attacks. The latest addition to this effort was in the form of factory reset protection (FRP).

What is Factory Reset Protection (FRP)?

Factory reset protection is a handy feature introduced by Google to prevent identity theft after a device has been stolen. Stolen devices are often wiped removing any layers of protection the device had, making it easy for the thief to use and sell the phone. With the implementation of FRP, devices that have undergone a factory reset will require the Gmail id and password of an account that was previously used on the device, to log-in. 

This feature, while incredibly useful, may come across as a nuisance to users who have forgotten their Gmail passwords and are unable to log-in after a factory reset. If this sounds like your problem, then read ahead to find out how to bypass Google account verification on an Android phone.

How to Bypass Google Account Verification on Android Phone

How to Remove Google Account Before Resetting

In situations like these, prevention is always better than cure. The factory reset protection feature comes into play only when a Google account is associated with the Android device before being reset. If the Android device has no Google accounts, the FRP feature is bypassed. Hence, follow the steps below to bypass Google account verification on an Android phone:

1. On your Android phone, open the ‘Settings’ application, scroll down and tap on ‘Accounts’ to continue.

2. The following page will reflect all the accounts that are associated with your device. From this list, tap on any Google account.

3. Once the details of the account are displayed, tap on ‘Remove account’ to remove the account from your Android device.

4. Following the same steps, remove all the Google accounts from your smartphone. This will help you bypass Google account verification. You can then proceed to reset your phone to bypass Google account verification on an Android phone.

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Bypass Google Account Verification

Unfortunately, many users are unaware of the factory reset protection feature until they actually reset their device. If you are trying to set-up your device after a reset and do not remember your Google account’s password, there is still hope. Here’s how you can bypass the FRP feature:

1. Once your phone boots up after being reset, tap on Next and follow the start-up procedure.

2. Connect to a viable internet connection and proceed with the set-up. The device will check for updates for a while before the FRP feature pops up.

3. Once the device asks for your Google account, tap on the text box to reveal the keyboard.

4. On the keyboard interface, tap and hold the ‘@’ option, and drag it upwards to open the keyboard settings.

5. On the input options pop up, tap on ‘Android Keyboard Settings.’ Based on your device, you may have different keyboard settings, the important thing is to open the Settings menu.

6. On the Android Keyboard Settings menu, tap on ‘Languages.’ This will display the list of languages on your device. On the top right corner, tap on the three dots to reveal all the options.


7. Tap on ‘Help and feedback’ to proceed. This will display a few articles talking about common keyboard issues, tap on any one of them.


8. Once the article is open, tap and hold on to a single word until it is highlighted. From the options that appear over the word, tap on ‘Web search.’

9. You will be redirected to your Google search engineTap on the search bar and type ‘Settings.’

10. The search results will display your Android settings application, tap on it to continue.

11. On the Settings app, scroll down to System settings. Tap on ‘Advanced’ to reveal all the options.


12. Tap on ‘Reset options’ to continue. From the three options provided, tap on ‘Delete all data’ to reset your phone once again.


13. Once you have reset your phone for the second time, the factory reset protection feature or say Google account verification is bypassed and you can operate your Android device without having to verify.


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We hope that this guide was helpful and you were able to bypass Google account verification on Android Phone. If you still have any queries regarding this article then feel free to ask them in the comments section.